Cleaning of doors using COVID-19 busting sanitiser

Need additional cleaning options? No problem…

In addition to the fogging options we also provide deep cleaning services to assist in providing a thorough clean of contact surfaces, doors, gates, entrance ways, floors etc.

Our preferred spray disinfectant is one of a few currently available which has been proven via laboratory testing to kill the corona virus.

Operatives wear PPE / RPE in order to safeguard themselves and the working environment against cross contamination of germs to ensure that no one is put at unnecessary risk before, during, or after the cleaning operations.

External sprayer with disinfectant

Need a large outside space cleaning? No problem…

Our sprayers allow for us to administer disinfectant to larger areas externally or internally to factory floors, distribution centres etc. Different sized applicators allow for adjustment of spray density to cover all manner of areas and surfaces.