Vermiculite Asbestos Removal
An example of Vermiculite Asbestos in a loft area used as insulation

Vermiculite Asbestos Removal takes place where a property is known to have an insulation which was produced in the same factory where asbestos materials were also produced, causing contamination. Vermiculite is lightweight and has very good thermal properties and as a result was used as insulation in wall voids, lofts, spray coatings (such as sprayed thermal coatings), open fireplaces and AGA cookers. It was also used as an insulation in voids and around Rolled Steel Joists (RSJ). In many cases, vermiculite wasn’t known to carry potential risk and was often covered up with newer insulation in lofts. Nowadays, Vermiculite Asbestos Removal usually takes placed by a professional company under semi-controlled conditions.

Vermiculite is often found concealed under rolled asbestos insulation after being covered by DIY insulation jobs.

Why Vermiculite contains asbestos

Vermiculite was mined in the City of Libby, Montana, from around 1963 and 1990 under the name ‘Zonolite’ and around 80% of the world’s supply was provided by a company called W.C. Grace. Unfortunately, the same mine also harvested Tremolite asbestos, the fibers of which are incredibly small and therefore extremely hazardous if inhaled. In fact, it only takes one fiber to cause lung diseases such as asbestosis. Tremolite was mixed with the vermiculite at the processing plant and exported all over the world, including to the UK.

Although there is no official figure for the United Kingdom, estimates in the United States suggest that there are 35 million homes containing asbestos vermiculite in the US country. Vermiculite was also imported into the UK for many years. Vermiculite Asbestos Removal is therefore becoming a service that is being requested more and more.

How to tell if you have Vermiculite asbestos in your property

The only way to know if the vermiculite in your property contains asbestos is to have it tested.

How much does Vermiculite Asbestos Removal cost?

The cost for Vermiculite Asbestos Removal will depend on a number of factors, including the amount to be removed and the location. Please contact us for a personalised quotation.