Domestic Property

A 4 bedroom property (up to 10 rooms) can be fogged for £228 including direct cleaning of the front and rear doors, entrance gate, doorbell/intercom and post box if stand alone. 

Additional rooms, garages, shed and vehicles can be added for as little as £36/area.

Commercial Premises

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.  Pricing will be tailored to suit your needs and on the size of the premises requiring decontamination.

Prices start from as little as £190 + VAT covering an area up to 300m3 for fogging.

Other Spaces

Standalone vehicles can be fogged from £65 + VAT.  Got a fleet? No problem! We can offer discounts based on multiple cars being completed one visit.

Any “enclosed space” can be treated with fog disinfectant including sheds & garages. Have an area you want cleaned that we haven’t listed? Just contact us for a quote via email:

Our spraying systems allow for external cleaning also.