What is Asbestos Air Testing?

Asbestos Air Testing is the process of sampling air within an area to check to the presence of asbestos mineral fibres. There are 5 different types of asbestos air testing used within the industry. These are:

  • Background Monitoring – carried out prior to asbestos removal work taking place to ensure the area is initially clear of asbestos
  • Leak Monitoring – conducted outside the enclosure during asbestos removal to ensure that there are no leaks or risk of fibres escaping
  • Reassurance Monitoring – to ensure the air is free from asbestos fibres once asbestos removal has taken place
  • 4-Stage Clearance Monitoring – for Certificate of Reoccupation (reocc)
  • Personal Monitoring – to determine the exposure levels of Operatives who carry out asbestos removal

Air testing must be carried out to the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO/IEC17025:2005 standard.


Who can carry out Asbestos Air Testing?

Asbestos Air Testing can only be carried out by companies accredited by UKAS and by trained analysts. We arrange the service on the behalf of our customers utilising our network of UKAS approved analytical companies. All of our approved analysts offer a mobile service and the price quoted will include travel to and from your premises.


How do I book Asbestos Air Testing?

Simply contact us with the address of the property which you require an airtest at and the type of test you require. We will then provide a free of charge, no obligation quotation.