Asbestos Surveypr carrying out a survey for a Mortgage

Formerly known as a Type 3 survey and sometimes incorporated into a Refurbishment and Demolition (R&D Survey), an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey is necessary prior to any works which may affect the fabric (mainly the walls, floor, roof and decorative elements) of a building. This can range from a simple replacement of a light assembly to full office or retail unit internal reconfiguration. It may also be required for soft strip demolition.

What is an Asbestos R&D Survey?

An R&D Survey is used to locate – as far as reasonably practicable – all asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within a building or zone programmed intended for refurbishment or demolition. An R&D Survey is intrusive and can involve aggressive examination methods in order to gain access to all areas where work is to take place. For example, lifting floorboards, looking inside false walls or removing suspended ceiling tiles. Where required, it may be necessary for the Surveyor to engage the help of other professionals such as electricians, structural engineers or licensed asbestos removal contractors to enable them to carry out the survey fully; all of which will be provided in the quotation and set out prior to the survey commencing.

We approach each R&D Surveys on an individual basis and within the customer’s requirements, whilst considering the overall project and detailed requirements of the ensuing works. We know from our wealth of experience that up-to-date and proper planning is the key to undertaking a comprehensive survey, and ensures that the customer is fully aware of any asbestos risks which may be contained within the fabric of a building.

What is inspected in an R&D Survey?

Standard areas for inspection are internal partitions, boiler flues, beam casings, soffits, thermal insulation, riser shafts, false ceilings, door panels, external roof & gutters, roof spaces, Artex/textured coatings, roof linings, ceiling tiles, ceiling return panels, fire cells, windowsills, heater units, bulkheads, seals, mastics and gaskets, drain pipes, floor spaces, voids and thermoplastic floor tiles.

Why are R&D Surveys Important?

R&D Surveys are important as they locate and identify asbestos containing materials. The process is more intensive than a management report and includes lifting floorboards and taking samples from accessible wall cavities. The surveyor should be trained in where to look for asbestos and this is marked on a diagram within the document, along with the approximate amounts of asbestos present.

A survey should be obtained prior to any works commencing, ensuring that anyone working on the building or site has access to the report and is made fully aware of any risks of exposure to asbestos fibres.

On Completion of the R&D Survey

Where required by the customer, our surveyor will return to the building to discuss the results and recommendations of the asbestos refurbishment survey to assist with any queries or concerns.

It’s important that the client provides us with a complete scope of the refurbishment project to allow the asbestos refurbishment survey to be tailored to the customer’s requirements; ensuring that only the necessary areas are included and that no unnecessary work or damage is carried out (which may increase the budget unnecessarily).

In some cases, it may be necessary for the area in question to be vacated and/or emptied in advance of the survey being carried out to allow access to the relevant areas.

Given the expected eventual and substantial refurbishment/demolition of the site, no re-instatement is carried out on any damage to non-asbestos materials that may have occurred in the pursuit of our surveying objectives. It will be assumed that all asbestos materials detected will be removed from site by a licensed asbestos contractor.

How much does an R&D Survey cost?

The cost of an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey start at £240.00+vat and vary depending on the location of the building and size. We are happy to provide free quotations for any R&D Surveys required.