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Colchester, Essex, CO7 7PN
Colchester, Essex, CO7 7PN
Wrong. Whilst some forms of 'white' (chrysotile) asbestos contain fibres which are less damaging that other forms, all forms and colours of asbestos products can be hazardous. You cannot tell the type of asbestos just by looking at the colour.
Whilst it's true that longer-term exposure to asbestos can increase the risk of developing lung disease, it only takes one fibre to begin the chain of events in the body which can lead to illnesses such a mesothelioma and cancer.
Wrong. Asbestos cement sheets must only be drilled by an experienced person, using dust suppression and capture techniques. A failure to carry out the correct prodecures can results in asbestos fibres being released.
Household vacuum cleaners are not sufficient to clean up asbestos debris, as they do not have the correct type of filtration systems on them. A HVAC must be used, and will be classed as contaminate once used.
Although rare, asbestos insulation board containing chrysotile is still found, and must still be removed under controlled conditions by a licensed asbestos contractor.
Please, don't do this. Placing asbestos waste in household waste bins has the potential to put you, your neighbours and refuse collectors at risk. Most Local Authorities will collect a small amount of asbestos waste for free, or for a nominal charge. Please contact them for more information.
Asbestos Cement can only be broken or drilling under controlled conditions, following Health & Safety Executive advice. It should not be broken without the proper procedures being put in place.

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