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Colchester, Essex, CO7 7PN
Colchester, Essex, CO7 7PN

Asbestos removals to the pipework within underground ducts was completed for our Client on behalf of Canterbury Cathedral.

The locality of the works to the entrance of the Cathedral causing it to be present in the sights of the
general public combined with the strong prevailing winds caused us to assess the enclosure set up in
a very different way to the normal polythene and timber frame in order to keep works low key and
prevent unnecessary concern from passers-by or visitors to this prestigious World Heritage Site.

In the same vein, vehicles free of sign writing were used and no unnecessary asbestos signs were placed

The enclosure was constructed from plyboard and pre-fabricated off site to allow for a “bolt together system” of build once transported to site. The internal enclosure pressure monitoring system which controls an additional backup negative pressure unit allowed for the asbestos removals to be kept at a constant negative pressure to prevent any potential atmospheric leaks which may occur due to other site works or weather changes

A lockable wheelable waste receptacle allowed for the movement of bagged waste across public areas straight into the rear of the designated vehicle ensuring no spillages occurred during transiting.


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